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The pearls are tight, so no moving around and leaving gaps that you keep having to adjust.I love this, so happy to have it.The only thing I would say is that Anne Boleyn's necklace was a choker and this is too long on me by 16 pearls. I get that it's one size fits all and so has to encompass everyone and it is displayed as not being a choker on the ironically headless mannequin so I was already aware of this and it's not an issue and although I've made a 2nd attachment after the 16th pearl to get the right length. I would definitely buy a second one that was 16 pearls shorter if that's something the vendor has any control over.I'm allergic to nickel and I have worn this directly against my skin and it's been fine. I know nickel is a fairly common allergy so thought I'd mention this in case this is a concern for anyone who's considering buying it.All in all, I'm delighted to have this, and if it broke through my own carelessness (which is likely lol) I would definitely buy another one.
Lovely necklace. Not just a novelty item. Really love it!
Looks just like the pictures, great product, good quality for price