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売店 2020新作 Eurodeckレバーアダプタ





46265000機能が導入されています。 – For use with 19704 , 19705 , 19706.-replacementパーツは含まれていません。


Unfortunately this black knob was not the main problem for a loose faucet handle, but I was able to replace the 20+ year old lever adapter with the new one and it fit perfectly.The box includes everything in the photo along with a paper diagram for which combination of lever + white cap goes with the lever handle model you have. This can also be found on the main Grohe company website if you need to do some research before committing to purchase.
I couldn't find this small part anywhere, and no specialty plumbing store knew what I was asking about or needed. Thanks to Amazon, my shower handle no longer falls off! This plastic adapter and set screw worked perfectly, and I ordered another as a backup.
Item exactly as described. Been installed now for several months and is still working like new.




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