17230円 Walker 55431 共振器アセンブリ 車&バイク カーパーツ 吸気・排気パーツ 17230円 Walker 55431 共振器アセンブリ 車&バイク カーパーツ 吸気・排気パーツ Walker 低価格 55431 共振器アセンブリ Walker 低価格 55431 共振器アセンブリ 車&バイク , カーパーツ , 吸気・排気パーツ,hamazaki.org,17230円,55431,/emulousness1202444.html,共振器アセンブリ,Walker 車&バイク , カーパーツ , 吸気・排気パーツ,hamazaki.org,17230円,55431,/emulousness1202444.html,共振器アセンブリ,Walker

美品 Walker 低価格 55431 共振器アセンブリ

Walker 55431 共振器アセンブリ


Walker 55431 共振器アセンブリ

Walker 55431 共振器アセンブリ

This resonator pipe fits my Gen 2 Prius (2004-2009) perfectly! If you need the rest of the exhaust parts for this car, I recommend that you buy all the listed parts in the photo I included from Amazon (except Walker gasket Part # 31379 - see below), including the new resonator pipe and muffler if your catalytic converter is also bad. For reference, the factory exhaust is two pieces. The first is a long pipe that includes the catalytic converter and a resonator that attaches to the exhaust manifold in the front and the muffler in the back. Otherwise for the catalytic converter replacement, you'll be attempting to cut and clamp/weld onto this long pipe. You can probably reuse the existing rubber hangers, but new ones are cheap and easily replaceable while you have everything off.Here are some tips:* DON'T BUY the Walker Gasket (Part #31379) used to connect the exhaust manifold to the front of the catalytic converter. It WILL NOT work. I've spoken to Walker about it and others have commented similarly. It's more expensive (~$50), but YOU NEED THE TOYOTA OEM one (Part #17451-21060).*The Walker Bolt Kits (Part #36454) don't come with nuts you might need.*These parts are mainly aluminized carbon steel - not stainless like the factory system. This means that they were dipped in an aluminized coating for protection from rust. Don't scrape the stickers off with a sharp tool (leave them on) unless you want a spot that will rust through quickly.*This is an easy do-it-yourself job if you have access to a lift. If not, don't pay more than $150-$200 for professional installation of the full exhaust. It's a super-simple job and all the parts fit perfectly.
Jan. 2013: This is one of two parts needed to replace the catalytic converter on our Prius. The dealer would have charged $2000 to replace it, using Toyota parts. I don't know much about cars, and didn't know if the Prius' hybrid system would require a special Toyota part. Our dealer said customers who use non-Toyota parts often come back "within two weeks" because they fail. I read in a few places online, including a Prius forum, that Walker makes good after-market parts, and there was no reason this wouldn't work in a Prius. I decided the cost savings made it worth a try. I bought this and the actual catalytic, both by Walker, for under $600, and our mechanic charged us about $90 to install them. The dashboard light went off, we passed inspection, and the light hasn't come back on. That was a few months and a few thousand miles ago, and so far so good. If it continues to work, we will have saved $1300.November 2013, Follow up: one year later, still works fine, very glad I bought it.
As advertised, perfect replacement. Interesting fact though: due to time, I shopped at auto parts stores around me and one listed this Walker resonator at just a few dollars more than Amazon ... but had to order it and Amazon's delivery time was significantly quicker. Hence, an Amazon order.The time's are a changin'




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エピソード 1) イヤでしゅ!         どうしても苦手な踏切と線路踏切が見えると 頑なに嫌がって側から見ると、虐待か?と思われそうだった。いつもパパが抱っこして、一件落着するのでした。ーーーー ーーーー ーーーーエピソード 2) ささみのポジションどうしても?ここじゃないとダメですか?後に行きたい!!と騒ぐでもなく若き日のささみは助手席に座らせると落ち着かないようで自分の場所は自分が決める...

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彼岸花の盛りだった時の駅数日後に行ってみたら彼岸花は影も形もなかった。それでも、穏やかな気が流れているような心惹かれる無人駅に変わりなく。電車に乗ることがないので、駅名や路線は全くの無知。また、地名や駅名にふりがながないと読めないものが多い中すぐに覚えた「月崎駅」でした。台風で路線が寸断されていて勝浦市のバスが繋いでいるらしい。無人駅で、券売機もなく 切符はどうするのかと思ったらお迎えのパン屋さん...


愛犬ささみ(18歳9ヶ月)後足の脚力が衰え歩行困難になってきました。お散歩していると、時々 ぱたっと倒れて側から見ると、虐待か!みたいな顔して見られることもあるのですが本人、ケロッとしてまた、歩き出します。食欲もあり、元気なのですが人間と同じで痴呆の一種なのか就寝時間くらいから、真夜中まで びっくりするほどの声で夜泣き遠吠えが続いていて何回か、ご近所さんに「大変ですね〜」と言われるようになりました...

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